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Pacesetters Educational Meeting- First of 2019
Wednesday, March 27
Community First Credit Union
201 Main St. Menasha
6 p.m. -6:20 p.m. Social Hour FREE Beer and Snacks
6:20- S
hare latest running experiences from members
6:30- Featured Speaker- Lynn Nichols “What Makes you Stronger Makes You Better.”

Lynn Nichols has been a runner and triathlete for over 20 years. She also is a Certified Fitness Coach and Yoga Teacher. She will talk about why metabolic resistance training can increase your stamina and  help you run faster.

Lynn will also explain EPOC, or excess post exercise oxygen consumption, is important to understand how your body changes when adding this to your fitness regimen.  Questions and Answers to follow, Members and non-members are welcome.  If you have any questions contact: