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Journey of a Thousand Miles

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  As you step off for that first run in January, how many miles will you accumulate during the year?  Keep track and find out.  PaceSetters will have four mileage goals for you to choose:

Level Average per day Per week Per month Yearly goal
Bronze 1.7 miles 12 miles 52 miles 621 miles =
1000 kilometers
Silver 2.8 miles 20 miles 83 miles 1000 miles
Gold 4.1 miles 29 miles 125 miles 1500 miles
Platinum 5.5 miles 39 miles 168 miles Do the Year =
2018 miles
  • Pick a goal before the year begins; use the chart above to select the one that’s right for you
  • Try to achieve your goal by December 31; make steady progress each week/month
  • You don’t need to run every day; the goal is only for the complete year
  • If you miss your target (above) for a week/month, that’s OK, just keep working towards your goal
  • We will have online spreadsheets for you to track your mileage (members only)
  • Enter the challenge by putting your name in one of the four spreadsheets
  • Entrance to this challenge is closed after the year begins; enter before January 1
  • Keep track of your miles; update the online spreadsheet once at the end of the month
  • The spreadsheet can be updated on the last day of each month (Jan 31, Feb 28, etc.)
  • The spreadsheet can also be updated for 3 days after each month ends (Feb 1-3, Mar 1-3, etc.)
  • If you miss the 4-day update window, make your monthly update the following month
  • Make your final update to the spreadsheet on December 31, 2018, or during January 1-5, 2019
  • Shown above are the four goals for 2018; goals for 2019 might be different
  • Changing goals is not allowed; if you pick the wrong goal, better luck next year
  • The real reward is the personal satisfaction of setting the correct goal and achieving it
  • However, we expect there will be prizes for all runners who achieve their goals
  • Levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) could have different prizes
  • Underachieving your goal will not get you a prize for a lower level; choose carefully
  • Overachieving your goal does not get you a higher level prize; choose better in 2019
  • This is not a contest!; there are no prizes for top mileage — only for achieving your goal
  • Club members can find the tracking spreadsheets in MyPace → Announcements