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Monthly Fun Runs

Monthly fun runs are usually held the second Wednesday of each month and are free and open to club members and to their guests.  If you aren’t a member we have a couple of “Meet the PaceSetters” fun runs during the year which non-members may attend.  Watch for those in our newsletter.  If you aren’t receiving our free newsletter, sign up now.

For more information on a particular run, contact fun run directors Ann Scholl or Jeannette Starkey. This page will be updated as runs are finalized.

Runs start at 6 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  The rows in green are PaceSetters club members only events.  Join today with the Become A Member link at top right!

2018 Date Location
Distance Food Host/Sponsor Notes
Jan 10 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Feb 14 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Mar 14 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Apr 11 TBD  3 or 6 miles
May 9 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Jun 13 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Jul 11 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Aug 8 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Sep 12 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Oct 10 TBD  3 or 6 miles
Nov 14 TBD  3 or 6 miles