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Elected Club Officers

President: Gloria West
Vice President:  Susan Benner
Secretary: Paul Dixon
Treasurer: Randy Koch, CPA

Appointed Board Positions

Discount Code Coordinator: Kris Roloff
Equipment Rental: Peter Hanamann
FCM Training Runs: Jennifer Thompson
Fun Runs: Abby Forcey
Membership: Jen Thomas
Newsletter: Abby Forcey
Pace Team: Ann Scholl
Kris Roloff
Publicity: Sandra Thein
School Liaison: Michelle Werner
Sponsors & Fundraising: Yvonne Morrow
St. Joe’s 5K Run/Walk: Ned Hughes
Volunteer Coordinator: Norman Cyman
Website & Social Media: Abby Forcey

Chris Bossart

Social Media

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PaceSetters Main Page:
Public Events, Photos, Videos, Public Posts
PaceSetters of the Fox Cities
Members-Only Group:
Member Events, Photos, Videos, Member Posts
PaceSetters of the Fox Cities Members-Only
Saturday Morning Running Group in Appleton
(Maps and news)
PaceSetters Saturday Morning Running Group
Marathon and Half Marathon Training Group
           (late May to early September)
(Maps, route directions, and news)
PaceSetters Training Runs

You must be a member of PaceSetters and a member of Facebook to view the Members-Only pages.  The others (in pink) can be accessed by anyone, including people without a Facebook account.  Facebook may encourage you to join their members, but just click “Not Now” if you’re not interested.

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