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Appointed Board Positions

These board positions are created by the President.  The people who currently have these roles are shown in our Contacts page.  Contact any board member if you might be interested in one of them.  Assisting the current director is a good way to learn about the position.  The club sometimes uses two people (co-directors) to fill one of these roles.  Members filling these positions are expected to attend the monthly board meetings, though we understand that some absences are unavoidable.  (With co-directors only one needs to attend.)  Currently the appointed board positions are the following, with these responsibilities:

Discount codes 
  • Request race discounts throughout the year as well as acquire prizes for the PS Christmas and volunteer events.
  • Coordinate the availability and use of our equipment for the club and for external rental customers.
Training runs
  • Coordinate the training runs for the Fox Cities Marathon.
  • During a spring planning meeting, determine schedule, mileages, and routes for the runs.  Routes and mileage determine the number of water stations needed.  The club has dozens of maps/directions from prior years so we generally reuse routes from year to year.
  • Find captains to host each run and provide them with a list of instructions and responsibilities.  Unless changes are needed, you will just use the prior year’s documents.
  • Find volunteer organizations to support the required water stops.
  • Obtain gift cards which captains will use to pay for training run supplies.  The club pays for these cards.
  • Keep track of training run equipment at Run Away Shoes and reorder supplies as needed.
Fun runs
  • Plan the locations, themes, and routes for the monthly fun runs. If desired, find hosts for the runs, or host them yourself.
  • Print maps and/or directions for participants.
  • Print waiver sheets for participants.
  • Make announcements, if needed, before the run.
  • Plan for snacks and beverages after the run, unless the host will handle that.
  • Process online registrations & renewals in order to maintain a current member list.
  • Email membership cards & renewal reminders.
  • Approve and remove access to the members-only Facebook group and MyPace portal.
  • Post race discounts to the MyPace portal.
  • Using the website Constant Contact, prepare and send newsletters for club members and others who have subscribed to the online newsletter.  (No technical or programming skills are needed to use this website.)
  • Add new members to the Constant Contact distribution list when requested by the Membership director.
  • Attend most board meetings, because much of the newsletter material comes from board meeting discusssion.
Pace team
  • Manage the PaceSetters pace team consisting of energetic, friendly local runners who have volunteered to be on the team and have supplied information about their qualifications as a pace leader.
  • When an event needs pacers, fill the needed pace leader positions with pace team members who can confidently run that time.
  • Review pace team leader finish times after an event to determine if adjustments to qualifications are needed.
  • Contact media (news/radio) of upcoming events open to the public.
  • Take photographs at PaceSetters events for publicity use on social media.
School liaison
  • First line of contact between area schools and the PaceSetters organization.
  • Responsible for distributing information to local schools about PaceSetters events and opportunities.
  • Collect scholarship applications submitted by local students and coordinate the selection of scholarship winners.
  • Distribute information about PaceSetters events, as designated by the event coordinators.
  • Engage with community businesses to educate on the Pacesetter organization- who we are, what we do, and the tremendous benefits that we bring to our community.
  • Request partnership with those businesses in the form of monetary sponsorship, event sponsorship, or donation of goods and services to support Pacesetter events.
  • Work with our community partners to increase awareness of their services as well as Pacesetter events.
  • Collaborate with our sponsors to ensure transparency regarding responsible use of their sponsorship monies and services and provide annual updates at the minimum.
  • Work with the Pacesetters board members to ensure smooth running of the club.
St. Joe 5K
  • Produce & direct the Pacesetters big annual community giveback fundraising event for the club’s designated local fundraising/food raising recipiant: the St. Joseph Food Pantry.
  • Renew current and procure (if needed) new major (cash) and contributing (goods & services) sponsors.
  • Contract with all the necessary event vendors each year including the headquarters venue, shirts, goody bags, timing company, on-line registrations provider, and porta-pottys to name a few.
  • Work with the City of Neenah each year and various departments and providing them with their required annual Liability Insurance Certificate and other requested information to obtain the necessary event Street Use Permit along with other important event support.
  • Since the St. Joe is 100% volunteer-driven (nobody gets paid),  oversee and obtain the necessary number of volunteers to staff the event each year.
  • Work with various departments at the event venue (currently the Bridgewood Resort Hotel & Conference Center in Neenah).
  • Market the event to the general public for their participation in the 5k run/walk with the production of print brochures and posters, along with working with various on-line internet publicity outlets.  Additional event mass media publicity is solicited with created press releases to local print and TV outlets, along with a strong publicity partnership with the St. Joe official radio station (103.9) WVBO.
  • If the need arises, change, revise, or tweak the route of the St. Joe’s 5K Run/Walk USATF Certified Course.
  • Work with the procured vendor of your choosing to produce the St. Joe’s 5K Run Overall and Age Groups Awards.
  • The person who takes on this very important and rewarding club position should commit themselves for multiple years of service.
  • Recruite and manage volunteers for PaceSetter events and for the occasional recruiting of volunteers for PaceSetter partners.
Website &
Social Media
  • Maintain the Pacesetters’ website,, using the WordPress software which allows the club to create and update web pages, calendar entries, graphics, documents, etc.  (No programming or techincal skills are required to use this website.)
  • Maintain the Pacesetters’ Facebook pages and groups.
  • Post to our main Facebook page as “PaceSetters of the Fox Cities”.  These posts include information about club events that are open to the public and photos from club events which can interest non-members to join the club.
  • Respond to questions which that page receives from visitors.